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          Art DT 2017 11

          SAM 2090

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          In D&T, students are encouraged to develop their designing and making skills through a range of projects involving a combination of materials, including food, textiles, electronics, plastics wood, metals and smart materials. They learn to apply their knowledge and understanding both independently and as part of a team to explore the characteristics and properties of materials, machines and equipment. Creative thinking is encouraged, as is the use of ICT, including CAD/CAM and Systems and Control. Sustainability issues and industrial links are key features of this subject. We strive to provide learning experiences outside the classroom and collaborations with local industries and experts in the design world around us. We promote the links between STEM subjects (科学, Technology, Engineering and 数学) both through the daily curriculum and extra-curricular challenges such as The TeenTech Awards. The iterative design process is highlighted across the subject to promote a co这里nt understanding of the concepts and principles involved in D&T, allowing opportunities for challenge and flexibility according to individual interests.

          During Y7, students will be involved in D&T capability tasks across each area building upon existing knowledge and developing their confidence in the use of tools, equipment, processes and materials. 学生们 will be encouraged to work more independently, through research, planning and organising materials – such as ingredients for Food lessons. The Y8 course continues to build on and extend the foundation course started in Y7, enabling students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the characteristics and properties of materials and components towards making informed decisions for realising their own ideas. In Y9, students undertake more open-ended Design & Make tasks in each area, considering issues relating to the scientific, moral and technological aspects of the brief. ICT & CAD/CAM equipment such as the sublimation machine, laser cutter and computerised sewing machine will be applied throughout. The D&T course at Welland Park Academy provides a firm foundation to support the subject at GCSE level and enhances many life skills, opening doors to an abundance of career opportunities.


          点击这里 到我们学校参观食物状元网页,它会给你更大的In-Sight进入什么学校和学生都参与了,到目前为止,他们所取得的成就。

          关于我们的令人兴奋的新的GCSE提供信息,请到GCSE课程选择在这个页面或点击左侧链接 这里.



           系主任:小姐克债券 -  bondg@wellandparkacademy.com


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